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We are just back to Calgary tonight.  It is very cold here already, and we are missing the desert! We had an awesome time working with Aaron on our team building exercises.  He was an amazing facilitator, able to get our minds on the challenge we were facing, and then discreetly stepping back and allowing us the freedom to figure out how we were going to conquer it.  He was also a wonderful help by taking many great pictures for us.  All the girls enjoyed our experience in the desert, and we would love to have another one.  We will, of course, be passing your information along to many of our colleagues who travel to the desert for their own retreat experiences.  I think you have some wonderful programs that could be enjoyed by many people we know.  We will be in touch in the future to experience one of your other programs. Jennifer Ironside, Delta Forum, Calgary Chapter of Young Entrepreneurs.

Thank you Mary for a wonderful experience! Everyone in our group really enjoyed themselves. The area is amazing, and I found the history to be fascinating. Our Guide was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I heard the same comments from people on the other two jeeps also. We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting the area. Molly Marquez, Finacial Knowledge

You both were such a delight to work with...the ladies had a wonderful time, and said this was their best offsite event EVER!!!  Thank you, again, for all of your help in making our budget work!  I hope to work with you again in the future with other clients!!! Amanda Atkinson, Association of Women in Metal Industries

I just wanted to write and extend our gratitude for a great outing on Saturday. ALL of our customers had an amazing time and really enjoyed the tour guides insight to the land and area itself. Many being from out of the state/country it was an extra special treat! Ken...simply amazing!! You knowledge of the deserts land, geology, creatures and plant life is second to none and you definitely made the trip an A+ experience. I'll be hiking the southern half of Muir trail next I'm keeping those survival tips in the back of my mind! Once again thank you for a wonderful experience from start to finish! Mary you and your staff did a great job please commend them all from the Ernie Ball Team!! Kevin Scoles, Ernie Ball International.

I just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for your assistance with our press group this week. Morgan was absolutely fantastic and we all enjoyed our tour immensely. Christopher Baker, who is currently writing a guidebook to Palm Springs as well as the National Geographic guidebook to California, said it was one of the best tours he's ever been on. Please keep in mind he's been traveling as a writer for more than 20 years! I agree with Christopher and will definitely be recommending your company to friends and other writers. Gina Masullo, Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations

I must tell you this. Last May during our FAM, I finally got to experience the Mining town. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!  I love it! The food was delicious, the band was great and the magician was cute. Desert Adventures comes out of my mouth before I say hello to a client. Smile!!! Doedi Ford - National Federation of Republican Women

Tom made a stellar impression upon our writers from Coast Magazine (Newport Beach) and Elite Magazine (Chicago) this morning.  DA ALWAYS makes it happen! Thank you, Mary and to all of your staff! They are always perfect. Please know that when I say perfect, I mean it. You have an incredible staff. One of the writers would not shut-up about the tour, or Tom. I just want you to know that. Mark Graves - Palm Springs Desert Resorts Convention & Visitor's Authority.

What a treat it was to have such a customized tour for all 10 of us.  Our group was so anxious to find out more about what you do and then - how in the world did you do it?!   You absolutely sent us the 2 best guides in Ken and Morgan.  Jack and I have been on many tours with Desert Adventures and each time we find the tour exhilarating.  The first thing anybody noticed was that these guides were a vast fountain of information and fascinated us with statistics and knowledge about the Valley, the desert, the economics, the San Andreas Fault, earthquakes, CA falling off into the Pacific Ocean (not),  the crops, the plants and some of their uses, the Indians and the original Railroad, etc. etc. etc.  We were all grateful that Morgan didn't mean it when she said there would be a test at the end of the tour, though I did remember the one time she asked how a plant got planted in a small crevice in a rock and I remembered - poop!  We walked around the seeping water at the Fault line, we climbed up a crevice and down again (surprised that all of us between 60 and 75 could make it), we panned for gold, walked through the mining tunnel, visited the Indian village, drove up box canyons, drank the nice cold water offered, learned more in the EpiCenter, learned about the 3 brothers who leased you the land, how careful you are to take care of the area, and how you have managed to keep the tours both interesting and very informative.  Each and every one of us picked up some seeds to try to grow our own Washingtonian palm which is the only native to that area.  If the lady in New York can grow one in an apartment, we should be able to accomplish something. Many tours back Jack and I remember being so amazed at what makes the Desert more than just a pile of sand and cactus, but each and every one of the other members of our group had the same astonishment with what goes on in the Desert, whether irrigated or water seeping through the Fault.  Your tours show us the real desert and it's history.  Mary, the grand tour you arranged for us was perfect to encourage everyone to come back to take the tours where the guides can go into more detail about each different area, and come back again and again to see the other areas.  My mind can only absorb the general information but Jack loves to get all the details and most times he even remembers.  The overall Eco Tour you set up for us was the best.  Kay and Jack McGary - Seattle , WA

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