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Jeep Eco-Tours & Rallies


We offer several different jeep excursions for group of up to 100 people. Larger groups (up to 300 people) can be accommodated by offering tours in multiple rounds or by combining jeep tours with other activities. In addition, we offer a number of fun, jeep-based team building activities for your group's enjoyment.

Click on any of the titles below to learn more about our jeep tours or jeep team-building activities. For additional (non-jeep) team building ideas, click here.

San Andreas Fault Jeep Eco-Tour


This awe-inspiring journey in our classic Big Red Jeeps takes you deep into the heart of the San Andreas Fault. Witness the tremendous forces of nature that have created amazing steep walled canyons and some of the most twisted and tormented landscapes on earth. 

Tour Highlights:
  • Explore a lush natural palm oasis where you will see water seeping up through the underground aquifer as your expert naturalist guide describes how the Cahuilla Indians used the desert's plants for food, medicine, and shelter.
  • Learn about the life and culture of the Cahuilla Indians as you explore our replica Cahuilla Village situated on a historic Indian site.  
  • Experience the awesome power of nature as you hike through narrow slot canyons created by the collision of the Pacific and North American plates. 
  • Explore an Old Mining Camp which is filled with antique mining equipment and displays.  You will also tour our gold mine exhibit and have the opportunity to pan for gold.
  • Learn about earthquakes and the geology of the San Andreas Fault as you explore our Epicenter Earthquake Education Center.
  • Tour a pioneer homestead and learn about life on the California frontier.
  • We can accommodate up to 100 guests at a time on our San Andreas Fault Jeep Tours.
  • Group of up to 300 people can be accommodated during a 3 to 4 hour time slot by offering tours in multiple rounds or by combining jeep tours with other activities.
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Palm Springs Indian Canyons Jeep Tour


Coming Soon!

MECCA hills / pAINTED canyon jeep eco-tour


Painted Hills Jeep Tour

The adventure begins as your board your Big Red Jeep for a fascinating journey eastward through the plethora of agricultural fields in the cities of Coachella and Mecca. Discover why the eastern part of the Coachella Valley is called the "Salad Bowl" as your guide explains the importance of agriculture to the desert's economy.

On the 40-minute on-road journey to the Mecca Hills you will also enjoy incredible views of the Salton Sea, the second largest inland body of water in the United States, where over 400 species of migratory birds rest and nest on their migratory path along the pacific flyway.

Then it's on to the awe-inspiring Painted Hills. Thrust up by tectonic collisions and cut into endless mazes by erosion, these steep-walled canyons offer some of the most spectacular scenery, tortured rock formations, and amazing colors seen in the desert.

This tour offers several wonderful hiking options, ranging from easy to challenging, including a ladder hike and the infamous "Hike of Death"! Hiking will be be geared to the ability of the guests in the jeep.

  • Due to Bureau of Land Management restrictions, this tour is limited to 6 jeeps (42 people) per day.
  • The minimum age for children on this tour is six (6) years.


jeep riddle rally & Scavenger Hunt


Jeep Riddle Rally

Looking for an engaging teambuilding activity that everyone in your group can do? Our Jeep Riddle Rally adds elements of competition and challenge to our popular San Andreas Fault Jeep Tour. This is also a wonderful activity for groups that include families and/or children. The rally begins with a group welcome at the hotel where guests receive their team assignments. After guides distribute team dossiers and other supplies, they will explain the rules of the rally and then the teams will jump in their jeeps and the adventure begins! From the moment guests board their big red jeeps, they will be challenged with riddles about the desert.

For example:

1. Not the Mojave and hotter than sin, what is the name of the desert we're in?
2. This crack in the Earth is a great divide. To see it up close, a red jeep you should ride.
3. The most common plant in our desert by far, its name is the same as a by-product of tar.

The answers to the riddles are found in our guides' informative and entertaining tour narration. As an option, groups may also provide their own company or meeting specific riddles or trivia which we are happy to incorporate into the rally. The Scavenger Hunt portion of the event takes place in a narrow canyon loop where teams will have to identify items that are not native to the desert. At the end of the rally, teams will be required to perform a team cheer.  

Teams earn points by solving riddles and answering trivia questions, finding scavenger hunt items and performing their team cheer. Bonus points are awarded for creativity! The team with the most point at the end is declared the winner. In the case of a tie, a final challenge will determine the winning team.

jeep poker run


Jeep Poker Run

Every gambler knows that the secret to survival is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep. 

But do you know the height of Mt. San Jacinto?  How about the length of the San Andreas Fault? 

You’d better know your desert trivia if you plan on raking in the pot today!

On the Jeep Poker Run, teams race around the valley (on-road) or desert (off-road) in their bright red jeeps answering trivia questions and solving clues in order to earn cards for their poker hand.  The answers to the riddles come from your guides’ narration – so you’d better listen carefully, then let the games begin!

The rally starts with a group welcome at the hotel.  Then the teams jump into their bright red jeeps and the RACE IS ON!   Participants return to the start of their journey (or another location if desired) with their cards at an appointed time, and the team with the winning poker hand shall be declared the winner.

Don’t count your winnings at the table, though.  There’ll be time enough for counting, when the dealing’s done! 


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jeep treasure hunt & Photo Safari


Jeep Treasure Hunt

This engaging and challenging team building activity takes our basic Jeep Riddle Rally to a whole new level!

To start, teams are given the first piece of a torn-up Treasure Map. Their goal is to collect the missing pieces of the map and then use it to find the hidden treasure.

However, teams must work together to answer riddles and complete a series of physical and mental challenges in order to "win" the missing pieces of the map along with other clues that will help them use the map to find the treasure.

This is a face-paced "race against the clock" because the first team to locate the buried treasure shall be declared the winner and shall take home the bounty!

As an alternative, the treasure map can lead all the teams back to a location where we have buried any number of treasures in the sand - each treasure corresponding to a particular prize. This allows us to award more than one prize. Either each team can elect a representative to search for that team's treasure (which allows us to award a prize to every team) OR everyone can join in the fun to look for the treasure (this option works best when there are roughly as many prizes as people, though not all the prizes need be the same).

This program is very flexible and can be modified to suit your group's particular needs and ability level.

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the amazing (big red jeep) race


Spouse and Family Adventure Programs

On the Amazing (Big Red Jeep) Race, teams race around the valley in their bright red jeeps answering trivia questions and solving clues that will lead them to a number of locations around town. As the teams arrive at each location, they must take on a unique challenge as they race against the clock and the other teams to win!

For example:

Roman Aqueducts - Using a set of odd shaped tubes, each team must use their coordination and communication skills as they try and roll a marble through the tubes without dropping the customer (the marble)!

Sonoran Desert Crossing - teams where they must figure out a way to transport all team members safely across the "Quick Sand Swamp" by building a bridge using a series of multiple length boards and wooden blocks. Proper planning and execution is the key to a successful crossing...having an engineer on the team will not help!

KIWI Carry - This challenging exercise will test the communication skills for any group! Using 8 ropes attached to a ring in the center, the team will be faced with the challenge of picking up and successfully transporting a small ball from one delicate post to another! Teams must communicate, plan and coordinate this true team effort!

  • This program is also available at Metate Ranch
  • This program can be conducted using other vehicles as well, such as limousines, town cars, vans, or mini coaches.
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jeep GPS rally

GPS Jeep Rally

Program Goals:

  • Team Bonding and Group Collaboration
  • Stronger Sense of Team Identity
  • A Fun Celebration for all Team Members

Armed with Garmin handheld GPS-60 units, Digital Cameras, and Fun Trivia, teams of participants move through the desert in jeeps searching for secret locations pre-programmed into their GPS. 

Once they are within 20 feet of the hidden location, the team must rely on problem and clue solving techniques to find the hidden marker!

Once the teams cross the finish line with as many locations complete as possible they hand in their answers to fun trivia questions (For example:  Who shot JR Ewing?) and bonus photos (For example:  Take a picture of your team displaying leadership). 

Teams finish by creating a fun “Story Board” of their day to share with the other teams.

As the teams explain their fun pictures and have a laugh our staff tallies up the scores and the winner is announced!

This program is great for getting outside and having fun and is perfect for medium to large sized groups and overall program goals are achieved through a program designed to explore relationships, collaboration and celebration!

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Optional Enhancements


Optional Enhancements
Food and Beverage:
  • Gourmet Snacks
  • Iced Cold Beer and Soft Drinks
  • Margaritas or Bloody Mary's
  • Boxed Breakfast
  • Boxed Lunch
  • Camp-Style Breakfast
  • Picnic or BBQ Lunch
  • Sunset BBQ Dinner
  • Awards Ceremony and Dinner
Upgraded Prizes or Gift Items:
  • T-shirts or Sweatshirts
  • Caps or Visors
  • Cowboy Hats & Bandannas
  • Water Bottles
  • Back Packs
  • Photo Book on the Desert
  • Custom gift items are also available
Other Ideas:
  • Photographer or Videographer to Capture the Memories
  • Desert Animal Presentation
  • Indian Tool and Weapon Making Demonstration
  • Indian Basket Weaving Demonstration
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FAQ and GROUP jeep TOUR Booking Policies

  • Advance reservations are required for all Jeep excursions.
  • Please contact Group Sales to book your tour.
  • As a courtesy, we are happy to hold space for your group on a tentative basis while you finalize your arrangements (unless there is a challenge to your space - see below).
  • Please contact Group Sales to place a tentative hold.
  • Placing space on tentative hold does not obligate you in any way.
Confirmed Reservations:
  • When you are ready to confirm your reservations, a signed Service Agreement and 50% deposit are required.
  • Final payment is due 10 days prior to your tour.
  • Any attrition or cancellation once you have contracted is subject to the terms and conditions specified on your Service Agreement.
  • If another group should challenge the space we are holding for your group on a tentative basis, we will notify you of the challenge.
  • Upon notification, you will have 48 hours to contract or your space will be released to the other group.
  • Space that is contracted as a result of a challenge is subject to a 100% cancellation penality for any attrition or cancellation as we will have turned away another group for you.
  • Narrated jeep eco-tour with an expert naturalist guide
  • Guided nature walk (geared to the abilities of the guests in the jeep), if desired
  • Granola snack and bottled water
  • Site, usage, or admission fees
  • Any taxes or other fees
  • A modest ($25 per jeep) guide gratuity - but additional gratuities are always appreciated
Tour Advisory:
  • Jeep tours can be bumpy and, though uncommon, conditions can change quickly/drastically during/following rain storms.
  • Guests with neck, back, or other serious injuries and women who are pregnant are advised to consult with their doctor before taking a Jeep tour.
  • For your comfort and safety, we recommend that you wear closed-toe shoes with rubber soles (such as tennis shoes or hiking boots). Sandals and shoes with high heels are not recommended.
  • Wear comfortable clothing - we recommend you dress in layers as desert temperatures can change quickly.
  • In the cooler months (November through March), we suggest you bring a light sweater or jacket.
  • Bring a hat and sunglasses and apply sunscreen before daytime tours.
  • Don't forget your camera or video camera...the photo opportunites are amazing!
  • Children love our tours! However, very young children may not have the attention span to fully appreciate the tour and may be a distraction to other guests. Therefore, we typically do not recommend our tours for children aged 3 and under. However, if you have any question about the suitability of our tours for the children in your group, let your Sales Manager know and s/he will be happy to help you make an informed decision as to what is best for your group.
  • For children aged 5 and under, hotel pickup is not available. However, parents are welcome to join the tour with their child at our Metate Ranch parking lot. Although not mandatory since we are operating on private property and not on public roadways, we suggest that parents bring a child safety seat if their child is aged 5 or under or weighs less than 60 lbs.