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Due to COVID-19 health & safety concerns, we are currently only offering private tours.

MASKS ARE REQUIRED to be worn when guests are in the Jeeps, or whenever 6 feet of physical distance cannot be maintained.

Desert Adventures offers two different interactive team building programs for groups of various sizes.

Our Jeep Riddle Rally and Scavenger Hunt is a great add-on to our popular San Andreas Fault Jeep Tour.

For a fast-paced “wild-and-wacky” program, our Desert Olympics fits the bill.

For a more serious, focused, team building program, we suggest our Adventure Challenge team building program (offered mid-November through mid-April).

Our professional sales team is happy to help you select the perfect team building program for your group. Just let us know a bit about the make-up of your team and what you want them to get out of their team building program experience.

Desert Adventures Team Building Programs:

The following team building programs were all designed and are operated by Desert Adventures staff.

Jeep Riddle Rally & Scavenger Hunt

Looking for an engaging team building program that everyone in your group can do? Our Jeep Riddle Rally and Scavenger Hunt adds elements of competition and challenge to our popular San Andreas Fault Jeep Tour. (This is also a wonderful activity for groups that include families and/or children).

The rally begins with a group welcome at the hotel where guests are given colored bandannas that correspond to their teams, one team per jeep. The jeep guides will explain the rules of the rally and give them their team packets, which contains all the items necessary for the competition. Then the teams will jump in their jeeps and the adventure begins!

From the moment guests board their big red jeeps, they will be challenged with riddles about the desert. The answers to the riddles are found in our guides’ informative and entertaining tour narration.

For example:

  • Not the Mojave and hotter than sin, what is the name of the desert we’re in?
  • This crack in the Earth is a great divide. To see it up close, a red jeep you should ride.
  • The most common plant in our desert by far, its name is the same as a by-product of tar.

Teams are also required to complete some general knowledge trivia. For example: What U.S. City has the most chapels?

As an option, groups may also provide their own company or meeting specific riddles or trivia which we are happy to incorporate into the rally.

The Scavenger Hunt portion of the event takes place in a narrow canyon loop where teams will have to identify items that are not native to the desert. But they have to be careful, there are distractor items on their checklist (to keep everyone honest).

Teams earn points by coming up with a creative team name, solving riddles, answering trivia questions, finding scavenger hunt items, and performing a team cheer that they create.

Bonus points are awarded for creativity!

Duration: 3-4 hours, depending on hotel

Suggested Enhancements:

  • Team jerseys or caps
  • Sun block
  • Award reception, breakfast, lunch, or dinner at our Enchanted Desert venue
  • Custom prizes
Desert Olympics

In this wacky and fast-paced round-robin competition, teams will compete in a series of fun, five-minute challenges.

Points are awarded based on the team’s score on each challenge and the team that accumulates the most points shall be declared the winner!

The number of activities will be adjusted based on the number of teams – with one activity per team of 10 people.

Sample Challenges:

SHARP SHOOTER COMPETITION (Target Shooting) – GOAL: With each player taking a turn, hit as many targets as possible. Team members will take aim in the shooting gallery and a team total will be computed based on the number of targets hit during the round.

BULLS EYE COMPETITION (Darts) – GOAL: To throw darts at the board for points as marked on the board. As above, each team member will take their turn throwing darts at the dart board. A team total will be computed from everyone’s throws.

RINGER COMPETITION (Horseshoes) – GOAL: Get as many “shoes” on … or near … the post. As above, team member will take turns throwing horseshoes and a team total will be computed.

WALK THE PLANK – GOAL: Walk the planks across the far line … AND BACK … in the allotted time. This challenge takes coordination and communication to complete. Up to 6 team members stand on wood planks and grabbing ropes looped through the planks, they must walk the planks to the far line. When they get to the line, they must turn around and come back (with larger groups, different team members will do the return trip). Teams are penalized for each foot that hits the ground or not completing the task in time.

DECODER CHALLENGE (Morse Code Decryption) – GOAL: Figure out what a message in Morse Code says! Teams will be given a decrypted message and a Morse code decryption key. The team who deciphers the message in the shortest amount of time will win bonus points.

SPOON/WATER RELAY– GOAL: Fill the cup with as much water as possible, using only a spoon. Each team gets ONE spoon and players must take water from a bucket in their spoon and walk it to a table sitting a ways away with a cup. When they reach the table, they dump the water from their spoon into the cup and return to the starting point where they pass their spoon to the next team member. Teams earn points based on the amount of water they can get into the cup in the allotted time.

MINUTE-TO-WIN-IT ACTIVITIES (Judges Choice) – Depending on group size, additional short, quick Minute-to-Win-It type games will be added so that all groups have an activity at each rotation.

PLUS TEAM CHEER – GOAL: In the allotted time, come up with your best team cheer, this could be the tie breaker!

Program Length: 1.5 – 2 hours

Suggested Enhancements:

  • Upgraded prizes
  • Awards lunch or dinner at our Enchanted Desert venue
  • Snacks and beverages


San Andreas Fault / Indian Cultural Sightseeing Tour

Duration: 3+ hours

From $80

Palm Springs Indian Canyons Sightseeing Tour

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

From $80

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Sightseeing Tour

Duration: 3.5+ hours

From $125


From $150


From $135

Indian Canyons “Ancient Footprints” Walking Tour by Jeep

From $150

San Andreas Fault “Gem Canyon” Hiking Tour by Jeep

From $125

San Andreas Fault “Four Posts” Hiking Tour by Jeep

From $125

Painted Canyon Geology and Agriculture 4×4 Jeep Tour

From $175

Joshua Tree National Park Tour with Lunch

From $250

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